Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!
Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!
Bill Harrelson
Founder & CEO of Elitepickz

Bill's journey in the world of Sports Betting started as a bit of an accident. He was always a huge sports fan, and naturally was drawn into some of the people selling sports betting advice online. He even used to do advertising for a few competitor brands, before realizing how many of them were scams.

He then began to hone his skills in, and learn what it actually takes to become a profitable sports bettor. He studied and read many books, his favorite being “Sharp Sports Betting” by Stanford Wong. This really helped him to understand the math behind the casinos.

So naturally, he set out on a journey to find some professional sports bettors. With some luck, and some really good timing, he founded Elitepickz and has begun leaving competitors in the dust ever since.

Bill’s core values are ethics and transparency, and that is reflected all across Elitepickz through having their results publicly available upon request, and having everything 3rd party tracked + verified.

He could have easily just sold his own picks like everyone else does (which is free to do), but instead Bill hired a team of some of the best professionals in the world, and continues to deliver a great product every day to over 2,000 discord members via their paid or free content. 

Bill himself has since become a hyper profitable sports bettor through his own learning, tools he has built, and of course through the Elitepickz analysts.