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Free Hedging & Arbitrage
Calculator for Sports Betting

Our Arbitrage and Hedging Calculator allows you to find the optimal bet size to lock in the most profit on arbitrages, hedges for parlays, and much more!

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Have you ever wondered how the pros pull off those huge wins in sports betting?

It’s not just about picking the right game or timing the cycles perfectly; you also need to spice up your game with more strategies, such as hedging and arbitrage.

However calculating the correct hedge ratios and spotting arb opportunities is tedious. Who has time for that?

Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Our new Elite Pickz hedging & arbitrage calculator does all the heavy lifting for you. Just enter your positions, choose your risk tolerance, and this powerful tool instantly spits out the optimal hedging strategies and potential arbitrage play to maximize your profits.

The data you need to win is just a few clicks away with our easy-to-use calculator. Stake smarter and win bigger — it’s that simple.

Hedging  in Sports Betting

Hedging a sports bet is a strategy that allows you to minimize risk and potentially guarantee a profit. It involves placing additional bets to offset the potential loss of your original bet. Let's take a look at an example to better understand how hedging works.

Suppose you bet $100 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl 57 at odds of +750. If the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, their odds may change, and you'll have an opportunity to hedge your bet. Let's say the Chiefs are now facing the Green Bay Packers, and the moneyline odds are Kansas City Chiefs (-260) and Green Bay Packers (+200).

Using a hedging calculator, you can input your original bet details (+750 odds, $100 stake), along with the new odds for the Packers (+200), to determine the optimal hedging amount. In this scenario, the calculator may suggest betting around $283.33 on the Packers.

By hedging, you ensure that no matter the outcome of the game, you’ll walk away with a profit. If the Chiefs win, you make a profit from your original bet but lose the hedge bet. If the Packers win, you make a profit from the hedge bet but lose the original bet. In either case, you end up with approximately $466.67 in profit.

It's important to consider your own risk tolerance and gambling responsibly when deciding whether to hedge your bet or let it ride. Hedging can be a safer approach, but it's ultimately up to you to make the decision that aligns with your goals and comfort level.

Introducing Our Free Hedging Calculator for Sports Betting

Our hedging & arbitrage calculator lets you input critical data like your initial stake, the odds of your original bet, and the current odds to calculate your optimal hedge and guarantee a profit. It’s perfect for those looking to lock in winnings or minimize losses.

For example, you bet $100 on an underdog at 5/1 odds, and now they’re leading at halftime. The favorite is now at even odds to come back and win. Just enter your original bet details, and the hedging calculator will tell you exactly how much to put on the favorite to ensure you walk away with money in your pocket, no matter the outcome.

Why You Need It

If you’re a serious sports bettor, hedging is a must-have strategy. It lets you capitalize when odds swing in your favor or avoid losing your entire stake when a game isn’t going your way. This calculator makes hedging a breeze so you can maximize every opportunity.

Odds are, you are leaving money on the table by not considering hedging. Our free hedging & arbitrage calculator provides you with all the necessary information to guarantee a win and take your sports betting to new heights. You can also join our Discord channel to start making mathematically profitable bets in the long run.

How to Use Our Advanced Hedging & Arbitrage Calculator

To get the most out of our hedging & arbitrage calculator, follow these three simple steps:

1. Input your stakes and odds.
2. Review the results.
3. Adjust as needed.

1. Input your stakes and odds.

First, enter the details of the games you want to hedge or find arbitrage opportunities for. Specify the odds for each market and input your total stake.

2. Review the results.

Based on your inputs, the calculator will display a list of recommended hedges and arbitrage options. Check the details of each, like the suggested staking price and potential profit. Look for opportunities you find most promising and compatible with your expected profits.

3. Adjust as needed.

You can then adjust the recommended options by modifying the stake and testing other games across different sports bookers. You can see how the metrics change in real-time. Tweak the metrics until you have the perfect hedge or arbitrage setup.

Using our advanced hedging & arbitrage calculator, you can instantly identify low-risk hedging and high-profit arbitrage opportunities across different sport booking platforms. Give it a try and watch your profits soar! Don’t forget to sign up to receive profitable picks from our team of professional bettors.

Usage Example

You’re all set to use the hedging & arbitrage calculator!

Picture this: Suppose you’ve found an arbitrage opportunity where one bookmaker speculates odds of -125 for Team X to win, while another bookmaker speculates odds of +150 for Team Y to win.

By inputting these odds into the arbitrage calculator, it’ll calculate the exact stakes you need to place on each outcome to ensure a profit.

Using the calculator, if you input $5,000 as the stake on team X at -125, the calculator will show you the following results:

Stake on Team X: $5,000
Stake on Team Y: Approximately $3,600 (varies slightly depending on rounding)

These stake amounts are calculated to ensure you’ll receive a profit no matter which team wins. The arbitrage calculator considers the odds and calculates the precise stakes needed to guarantee a positive outcome.

So, no matter who wins, you will lock yourself in a profit. If Team X won, your bet of $5,000 would return $9,000 total (a $400 profit when factoring in the loss on Team Y of $3.6k). If Team Y won, you would also return $9,000 total (a $400 profit when factoring in the loss on Team X of $5k). When you use our hedging & arbitrage calculator and make calculated moves, you can be sure to profit regardless of the outcome! 

It also can tell you when your hedge can help to minimize a loss! This means if you want out of a bet you have ongoing, you can use our hedge tool to calculate exactly how much you can hedge out for to get the best return (even if it is negative). Casinos offer you a “Cash Out” button, but in reality, it may be better to explore a negative hedge in some cases.

Don’t forget to register for one of our packages to receive profitable betting picks that help minimize your sports betting risk.

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Fast Ask Questions

How do you calculate arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a risk-free profit opportunity when an asset is priced differently in two markets. Our arbitrage calculator takes odds from different sports bookers to identify price discrepancies between the same game. It will calculate the arbitrage amount, telling you how much to stake for each game to lock in a profit. Essentially, just put in the amount that you want to wager on one side and the odds on the other. It will tell you the optimum amount to wager in order to lock in the maximum profit!

What is hedging for beginners?

Hedging is a risk management strategy where you take an offsetting position to reduce exposure to price fluctuations. If you have a prominent position in one sport stake, hedging allows you to limit potential losses by taking an opposite position. Our calculator simplifies hedging for beginners and pros by handling the calculations to determine the right hedge amounts. It is an alternative to the “Cash Out” button that sportsbooks offer, which can make you more money sometimes! Example: You have a big parlay and have won all legs except 1. In order to lock in a profit, you may want to explore a hedge or betting on the opposite side of a game (similar to an arbitrage). You can also use a hedge to minimize your losses. We encourage you to play around with the calculator and get a feel for how it works!

What is an arbitrage calculator?

An arbitrage calculator, like ours, is a tool that analyzes the odds of a game across different sports booking platforms to find arbitrage opportunities. It handles the math to determine the amounts to stake for a risk-free profit. Our arbitrage calculator takes the guesswork out of arbitrage for beginners and experts alike, ensuring a seamless betting experience. Example: Team A is +105 on Fanduel, Team B is +105 on DraftKings. This means you could bet on both sides evenly and net a guaranteed profit when done right.

How do you calculate the hedge amount?

The hedge amount refers to the units you need to buy or sell off a stake to offset the risk in an existing position. Our calculator will determine the optimal hedge amount based on your current position size and the correlation between the picks.

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