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Elite Pickz’s Free Sports Betting Hold Calculator

Our betting hold calculator is the easiest way to figure out what percentage of your money the casino expects to win when you wager! This tells you the "house edge".

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Do you always feel like the odds are stacked against you?

Are you always making bets on a whim without a solid strategy?

Introducing our Sports Betting Hold Calculator: the ultimate tool to help you beat the sportsbooks and level the playing field.

With our calculator, you can calculate your hold and make informed betting decisions that give you the winning edge.

Discover the power of precision and maximize your profits with ease. It's time to take control of your sports betting journey and turn the tables in your favor.

What Does Our Sports Betting Hold Calculator Do?

As sports bettors, you always seek ways to gain an edge. One tool that can help is a sportsbook hold calculator.

- It tells you how much money a sportsbook holds from the total wagered amount. The higher the hold, the more the profit.

- You use hold calculators to determine which sportsbooks offer the best odds and payouts.
- When you enter the details of your wagers into the calculator, it will tell you the hold percentage for each sportsbook.

You want to bet where the hold is lowest since that means winners like you get paid more money.

Using our hold calculator and odds shopping is crucial for beating the books. When you find lower-hold sportsbooks, you'll keep more money in your accounts and have a bigger bankroll to make future bets.

Now, crunch some numbers and start winning more!

How to Use Our Sports Betting Hold Calculator

Using our Sports Betting Hold Calculator is straightforward. Follow these steps to make the most of this powerful tool:

1. Input the odds: Enter the odds for the event or game you are interested in. For example, let's say you want to calculate the hold for a basketball game between Team A and Team B, with Team A having odds of -150 and Team B having odds of +120.

2. The hold percentage is displayed, indicating the sportsbook's theoretical edge in this particular bet. For the example above, the calculator will show a hold of 5.17%.

3. You can click the “Reset” button to clear the present data so you can do another calculation.

Using our hold calculator regularly will make you a more intelligent bettor. You'll see which types of wagers and sports you're most profitable at and can make better betting decisions from now on. Our goal is to help you get an edge to beat the sportsbooks — contact us for more information.

Lower Your Hold With These 4 Tips:

- Compare odds and lines in multiple books, only betting where you get the best odds.
- Take advantage of bonuses and promotions, often with low or no holds.
- Consider betting on less popular sports like tennis or MMA, where books may have mispriced odds.
- Look for "off-market" bets where the public's perception may impact the odds — fade the public!

You can gain an edge at the sportsbook by tracking your hold over time with our Sports Betting Hold Calculator and making smart bets. Keep practicing good bankroll management, do your research, and choose your spots wisely. With the right approach, you'll be well on your way to beating the books.

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Fast Ask Questions

How do we calculate the hold percentage?

It's simple. Enter the correct data required by our sports betting hold calculator. The hold percentage will be displayed for you to see.

What's a good hold percentage?

Anything under 5% is considered low hold and suitable for bettors. The lower, the better. If your book holds higher, it may be time to shop for a new sportsbook.

What is a synthetic hold in betting?

A synthetic hold in betting refers to the bookmaker's calculated margin or profit built into the odds, ensuring they make money regardless of the outcome of the event.

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