Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!
Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!

Making Risk Free Profits With Arbitrage

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Fast Ask Questions

This feels seems to good to be true, what am I missing?

Well, it is literally free money. The only downside possible is that the casinos limit you for making so much off them essentially. We wouldn’t put such crazy guarantees on our offers if we didn’t believe in our product to such a high degree.

How many of these arbitrages actually happen per day?

Depends how many games are on really, but the arbitrage bot will have opportunities displayed more often than not. There may be times that you open the chat and see 5 opportunities, and there may be times that you open it and it says “No arbitrages available”.

The bot updates every 20 seconds, so you won’t have to worry about seeing stale bets as well. We also respect your notifications, so we don’t blow up your phone with texts every time we find one. For a peak inside the group, check out the Elitepickz Demo!