Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!
Use Code "NEW" For 10% OFF All Passes!

Rapid Bankroll Growth With Positive EV

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Fast Ask Questions

Does EV bot have picks for every game?

Pretty much yes. At some point, EV bot will have released a pick or more for every game. Whether its a player prop, team total, or anything in between, EV bot will send an absolute ton of picks.

Don’t worry. We don’t blow up your phone with notifications though. EV bot opportunities (picks) are errors in the market that get fixed quickly. So naturally, we made a text that is constantly updating to show the best opportunities when you join the group.

For more context on this, feel free to check out this demo of our group.

Is this your best betting tool?

Every tool has its pros and cons. EV bot is our best tool for profitability and getting action on just about every game. Arbitrages are best for risk free returns, and very easy to see results quickly from. Then the analyst picks are the perfect combination between EV bot, and entertainment.

It is all personal preference really. We have noticed many clients tend to like the analyst picks best, but many others (and our team) tend to like the bots. Either way, full access to all tools are included in every pass we sell.