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Fast Ask Questions

How can Elitepickz help me?

Ever wondered how professional sports bettors make money?

Well, you don't have to anymore. We employ a team made of some of the best sports bettors in the world.

Signing up gives you access to our discord, where these professional sports bettors will text you every day with exactly what teams they are betting (so that you can copy them)

Where do I get my picks after I purchase?

It is on an app called "discord", which you can download to your phone (or computer). It is very similar to a text message groupchat - but only our professionals can talk in it!

After purchasing, you will get your own personal dashboard to gain access immediately after purchase. You will be able to go on this dashboard whenever you like to manage your membership. If you have any issues, we also have it programmed to email you an invite (multiple times) if it detects you haven't joined yet.

If you ever have any issues at all, we are always here to help at

What sports are included? How many picks will I get per day?

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, and Golf primarily.

Across all our analysts, they give out 1-10 picks per day usually. However, bots are finding new edges in the market and being updated 24/7.

Between our analysts and bots, we have a healthy mix of props and singles.

What is Elitepickz win rate?

We prefer to talk in terms of unit gain. Here is why:

If your average odds per pick are +200, you can win 35% of your picks and will be VERY profitable (betting underdogs)

If your average odds per bet are -200, you can win 65% of your picks and be VERY negative (betting favorites)

We will let our public spreadsheets doing the talking.

Why should I join Elitepickz instead of making my own picks?

Casinos hire some of the smartest people in the world to make the odds that we bet on every day. Then, on top of that, they make you bet $11 to win $10 to give themselves an extra edge.

But still, many people believe that their sports knowledge can beat these billion dollar companies…

If you want to win, you need professionals on your side (+EV Bettors).

I'm new to this... where do I start?

Our team holds your hand the entire way, whether you are a complete newbie or a veteran in the industry.

Our  group is packed with information for beginners especially.

We even have a dedicated customer success manager (in our discord for clients only) that you can talk to one on one as much as you need!

I'm an active member, how can I upgrade?

Simply cancel your current subscription, and purchase the larger pass!

If you have any remaining time on your current deal, let us know and we will add the additional time to the end of your purchase.

Same goes for if you wanted to downgrade from monthly to weekly.

Why are you so expensive? Do you offer anything free?

Simple. We are the best product on the market from top to bottom. That is why we literally have a results guarantee as well.

We aren't some random people selling picks like most of our "competitors". We are real professionals with real qualifications, and a team that actually cares for your success. Not just some dudes on Instagram flashing fancy cars and houses to sell you.

We send free picks to our email list a couple times per week. You can join this list at the very bottom of our home page.