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Do Sportsbooks Ban Winners and Sharp Bettors? Yes and No

March 19, 2024

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Bill Harrelson

A few weeks ago, our team received a familiar limiting from BetMGM and Barstool Sportsbooks. This means that if I go into my phone now and try to start placing bets on one of these books, I will not be able to get down as much money as I want.

I may try to place a wager of $100, and they may flag it immediately and say "You can only bet $12".

Thus effectively meaning that I have been flagged as one of many sharp players.

Casinos hate sharp action, so being banned or limited is not a rare situation when you are truly killing the books like we are. For a regular sports bettor, it is unlikely that they ban you for winning.

We get limited for taking advantage of what we call stale lines, which sets off a few alarm bells for the sportsbooks when they see the same account doing this often.

To note, In my gambling experience, I've never seen anyone get a lifetime ban. Just rather a limit placed on them.

How do they find the sharp bettors?

It is very easy for these bookmakers to lay down the ban hammer. All they have to do is look at who is beating closing lines consistently.

Even if you aren't green in the short term, they may limit you just for beating these closing lines. In most cases, it is actually completely false that winning too much is what gets you banned. It is beating closing lines that gets you banned.

This is because casinos know that high rolling sharps don't care as much about winning in the short term as well. They only care about the closing lines.

Good closing line value = high profits long term.

Restricted Even While Losing

I once had deposited $1,000 into my Barstool Sportsbook account. After a week of betting, I was severely limited on NBA player props despite only having $970 in my account!

Meaning I was down $30, but because I was beating closing lines, they limited me to make sure I didn't have the chance to grow the account.

This can be a serious problem if you don't know how to get around it, though luckily for you we know how to. Of course, there are the complex ways such as just having multiple accounts, partnering up with recreational bettors, etc.

Avoiding The Issue Entirely

Betting on larger markets will lead to a lower probability of you being limited.

For example, we have been crushing the books all year betting on team spreads at -110 or team moneylines. This is something that tens of thousands of bets are being poured into, and where bookmakers are happier to take smart bets to gain information.

For small markets like a players points + rebounds + assists (meaning less people bet on this), it is far more likely that they will catch you quicker. Though, these smaller markets also have a bigger edge. It's a give and take.

Big markets = low edge, sharp lines, lots of action. Harder to get banned.

Small markets = higher edges, staler lines, less action. Easy to get banned.

As sports bettors, we have to understand how betting online will always have its downsides. Betting sites will never like us as winners. Big betting sites included, like DraftKings. They may severely limit sharp bettors.

The casinos only like recreational customers.

It's just a part of the sports betting industry, but there are always ways to fix it and place bets, which of course leads to more money.

Fixing The Issue

The bad news is that bans/limits can sometimes be hard to get around. The good news is, that there are always ways to lay low and make your money as mentioned.

To fix the issue fully, we must fully understand it. Casinos are really smart, and will not just place betting limits on your entire account if you are beating them.

They may for example just start to limit you on NBA player props. Meaning you would be able to begin betting MLB props freely for a short window. They limit you in blocks, as they pick up on your betting patterns.

There are a few really easy ways to get around this is to simply just use better sportsbooks. For example, FanDuel, Pinnacle, Circa, etc.

Fanduel will limit people as well, but they are known to be one of the few books that professional gamblers can come to terms with.

Fanduel likes getting sharp bettors on their platform, and will only limit you down to a hundred bucks usually.

The catch with Pinnacle and Circa is that they are just really sharp books. Meaning that winning on these will be more difficult as opposed to an app like BetMGM.

Who Are The Best Bookmakers For Large Bets?

As mentioned above, a few books such as Pinnacle or Circa will let you get down large bets.

The sharp books are usually the most willing to take on sharp bettors. As online betting continues to grow the books will get sharper and the players will as well.

Syndicates Around The World

There are a few betting syndicates, which are usually groups of professional sports bettors working together to get down large amounts of money on an edge they locate.

Syndicates are lethal to sports books, and there are a few that exist in Las Vegas for example. These syndicates generate excessive winnings, betting large amounts and abuse casinos.

Our Opinion On Limits/Bans

At the end of the day, Casinos are a business. They remove the people hurting their profits, which seems to be common sense. Though we personally just don't think it is fair that they are allowed to choose who plays and who doesn't just based off of how good they are.

Our opinion doesn't really matter though. These betting exchanges are all privately owned, and will always have their own say in the matter.

Same goes for bookies. The bookie decides who stays and who cannot bet on their site. It's just how it goes, and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

They almost never close accounts, but will limit literally tens of thousands of users. The same way that sports teams only play the best players, casinos only want to let average joes play.

Start Making A Profit

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