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How To Actually Profit From Sports Betting

March 10, 2024

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Bill Harrelson

Here is the secret... it's a metric called closing line value.

Sports betting is built for you to lose, just like every casino game. Except, with sports betting, the house can't always maintain their edge over us. This is because there are so many markets, meaning there so many different things you can bet on.

The first thing you need to know, is that sports books sets their lines independently. Meaning they aren't always agreeing with each other. Sometimes DraftKings might think that one team should be a bigger favorite, when FanDuel might think that the other team should be.

These are called market inefficiencies. "Opening Lines" are often the easiest to make money from. Meaning when sports books first release the odds for us to bet on, these are often what we call the softest lines.

The easiest way to tell if someone knows what they are doing in sports betting is Closing Line Value. Meaning if you bet a team at -110 (bet $110 to win $100), and by game time the team is -135 (bet $135 to win $100).

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How Did We Make 87 Units Of Profit?

Professional sports bettors (like our team) beat these closing lines consistently on the large majority of our picks, leading to a long term ROI. This is exactly how our analysts won 87 units from online sports betting in 2022, meaning a $100 bettor won $8.7k.

We were able to do this by betting college football, college basketball, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and MLB. We have even won 4 straight super bowl picks. We got the best odds via line shopping, meaning we are not using just one sportsbook.

You can bet with our professionals every day by joining our group at the bottom!

As crazy as it may sound, closing line value (CLV) is more important than winning, not only to us as sports bettors, but also to casinos. Some more than others. Barstool Sportsbook is notorious for limiting people beating these lines. (even if they aren't winning in the short term).

This is how to profit sports betting. Being a successful sports bettor is a numbers game.

Our Best Sports

Our best sports as a company last year were NFL and College Football, with Golf trailing right behind. As sharp bettors, it is important that we acknowledge our best sports.

In order to become a profitable sports bettor, we would recommend that you first get good at one sport at a time. Focus on the betting market for that league, and go all in on learning everything about it.

Some Good Terms To Look At

There is a ton to learn on your own, which is why groups like ours exist!

Chasing steam, point spreads, prop bets, a half point (the hook), bankroll management, bonus bets, making a futures bet, line movement, and using multiple sportsbooks are good terms to start looking into prior to fully jumping in.

We recommend staying away from live betting early on as well. The best way to get started is to take advantage of deposit bonuses, learn terms above and focus on individual bets. Meaning one bet at a time, avoiding a parlay bet.

Monitor injury reports, weather forecasts, the odds you bet at, the break even win rate, the best line available, etc.

A Huge Mistake

Never start chasing losses. In order to join the group of successful bettors, you have to stop betting with emotions.

Professional bettors never bet with emotions. So if you lose a bet, you should never place another wager based off past performances (to try and win it back).

This is where so many people get caught up in the casinos trap. They see their favorite team, or a big favorite playing later in the day and start betting to get their lost money back.

Sports bets must Be made with a purpose

If you want to make winning bets, focus on the long term.

You will make more money taking a long term perspective on the industry. The gambling industry is built to rob you. To flip the odds in your favor, you need a proven betting strategy and immense discipline.

The best sports bettors all know this.

Divide your bankroll up among multiple sports book accounts

This is a very useful tool. It also helps you to choose the most advantageous odds – something all professionals consider critical.

Line shopping is something you MUST learn.

Online Bonuses

New bettors can take advantage of bonuses on a sportsbook like Fanduel.

FanDuel is known to offer amazing bonus bets, odds boosts, and more. A profitable bettor should always be looking to take advantage of opportunities like these. The odds boosts that they put out for player props are my personal favorite.

Sports betting is all about finding positive expected value (+EV), and oddsboosts/promotions almost always are +EV.

Same goes for deposit bonuses, they fall into this category as well.

A Shocking Truth

Sports betting is much easier to make a profit in compared to the stock market.

This is because there are so many online sportsbooks that us sports fans can use. Meaning that there is always some other sportsbooks out there that are inefficient in their lines.

For example. Sportsbooks set their lines independently. Prop bets won't always have the same odds from book to book. Same goes for a point spread.


Fanduel sets Curry's over at -110. Draftkings sets Curry's under at +115.

This is an error made by one of the books, and also an arbitrage opportunity. In an arbitrage opportunity, there is no break even win rate necessary. It is literally free money if you place the bets correctly.

Our team will be adding an arbitrage tool for clients soon!

Market Inefficiency = Profitability

Our professional bettors have models and systems that pick up on these errors, and notify our clients in our group.

We teach proper bankroll management, betting strategy, and the best online sportsbooks as well. Having professional sports bettors in your corner every day can be a huge plus.

With mobile betting becoming available to many bettors recently, this has led to the explosion of the industry. Sportsbooks are more worried about getting users on their platforms now than they are making money it seems.

The markets will become more efficient in the future, so the earlier you get in, the better!

The best time to join was last year, but the second best time is now! You can signup today and start winning with so many others.

The Downside

When you actually win a lot, you may see lower limits. Meaning some platforms (like Barstool) won't allow you to bet more than a certain amount.

For example:

If I go and try to wager on an NBA game tonight, I won't be able to place more than say $20. The book will automatically flag me as a winner.

Scalability Issue

So, sports betting is much easier to make money in vs the stock market.

The downside is that it is less scalable. Meaning you can make great money sports betting (with bankroll management and tons of experience), but you cannot make millions as easily as you could opposed to being good at the stock market.

The Exceptions

The people who make millions betting on sports are primarily in something called a syndicate.

There are other bettors that are exceptions of course, though it is more difficult.

Basically, what we are saying is that it is easy (compared to the stock market) to make say $50k sports betting, but it is extremely difficult to make millions.

To wrap this up, if you want to make money betting on sports, stop looking at the wins and losses, and start looking at the prices you bet the teams at.

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