Expert-Vetted Sports Betting Signals by ElitePickz

We “know” sports. And most importantly, we understand what it takes to make profitable sports bets. It’s all about the numbers/analytics, and we put great effort into providing mathematically proven picks.

At ElitePickz, we don’t just casually follow one or two sports; we immerse ourselves in the major sports. Our team lives and breathes sports trivia, stats, history, and analysis.

Why do we subject ourselves to this non-stop barrage of sports knowledge?

It’s so we can give you the best sports betting tips and picks out there. Whether you want to bet on football, basketball, golf, hockey, or baseball, we’ve got the signals.

Which Sports Do We Provide Signals for?

At ElitePickz, we provide sports betting signals across the major sports, such as:

Football is one of our focuses. We offer predictions for college football and the NFL, covering spreads, over/under, and prop bets. Our football experts analyze stats and matchups while tweaking their betting models to determine the weekly strongest plays.

We also provide NBA and college basketball picks. Whether it’s picked against the spread or over/under totals, our basketball analysts have a track record of success in identifying value.

For baseball, we offer MLB moneyline, spread, and prop picks. Our baseball experts evaluate pitching matchups, bullpen strength, advanced stats, home/away records, and more to spot mismatches and uncover hidden value.

If there’s a major sporting event, we provide predictions for it — from golf to ice hockey, our experts analyze sports from around the globe. At ElitePickz, we strive to offer the most comprehensive sports betting signals and the broadest range of expert picks and predictions to help you win more of your wagers. Sign up today to join our exclusive Discord channel. We don’t just show you how to win; we show you why we win & the math behind it.

Football Betting Tips: Score Big With ElitePickz


When it comes to football betting, we have experts conducting in-depth analysis of the various games to offer you data-backed sports betting signals.

NFL Picks

We analyze all the NFL matchups each week to find the best bets. Our NFL experts use their proven betting models as well as weekly research to find value. Last year, our subscribers cashed in big — we estimated multiple millions of dollars worth of winning tickets across everyone in our group.

College Football Picks

There are dozens of college football games each week, and we pore over them to spot the best opportunities. We consider team stats, coaching matchups, home-field advantage, and weather forecasts to determine where the value lies. We’ve seen our best closing line value in College Football, meaning we crush these markets!

NFL Prop Bets

Player props, game props, you name it — we explore several options to find picks with a mathematical edge over the house. Predicting individual player performance or niche game scenarios is challenging, but our NFL prop picks have a proven track record of success. Whenever there’s value in the props market, our expert sports analysts are sure to sniff it out.

If you’re looking to level up your betting game on the NFL, make some money on college football, or find an edge with prop bets, ElitePickz has you covered. Check out our football betting picks and start cashing in today!

Basketball Picks: Slam Dunk Your Bets With Expert Predictions


We provide betting tips for major basketball leagues, including the NBA and NCAA. Our basketball picks include analysis and predictions for each matchup so you can make informed bets. ElitePickz’s basketball experts analyze stats, matchups, and trends to determine which teams have the edge.

We look at things like:

With our expert basketball picks and predictions, you can rest assured that you’ll be crushing the market and lines set by the sportsbooks. We do the necessary research so you can make winning basketball bets with confidence.

Baseball Betting: Hit a Home Run With Our MLB Picks

When it comes to America’s pastime, we’ve got the signals. Our MLB betting picks provide analysis and predictions for matchups across the league.

At ElitePickz, we study stats, matchups, and trends to determine the best bets for each day’s slate of MLB action. We look at everything from a pitcher’s ERA and a batter’s slugging percentage to a team’s record against left-handed starters on the road. No stone is left unturned in our quest to uncover value and give you the edge.

Our baseball betting tips include:

With our expert MLB picks, you’ll be swinging for the fences and hitting it out of the park. Check out our baseball betting predictions and analysis to get in on the action.

Hockey Predictions: Skate to Success With Our NHL Tips


We know hockey like the back of our hands. When it comes to the NHL, we’ve got your back. Our hockey experts analyze stats, matchups, injuries, and trends to determine the best bets for each game.

Here are key factors we consider when providing hockey picks.

Special Teams

We scrutinize each team’s power play and penalty kill percentages to determine which squads have the advantage when a man is down or up. Teams with a lethal power play and stingy penalty kill often have an edge.


A hot goalie can carry a team, while a struggling netminder can sink it. We examine each starting goalie’s recent performance and stats to see who has the advantage in the crease. The goalie matchup is among the most essential factors in any hockey game, and we make sure not to overlook it in our game analyses.


We look at the results of previous team meetings to spot any trends that could impact the outcome. Season series results and each team’s home/road record against the other are telling stats.

With our expert hockey betting tips, you’ll be skating to the bank. Check out our NHL picks and get in on the action. There’s nothing like the thrill of watching your hockey bets cash in!

Golf Bets: Swing Into Profits With Our Golf Top Picks


At ElitePickz, our experts analyze stats, course conditions, and players’ recent performances to determine the best bets for each tournament.

PGA Tour

The PGA Tour features the world’s top pro golfers competing in tournaments throughout the US and Canada. We scout the odds for matchups, top finishes, and, of course, winners.

We have extremely profitable golf models that take all factors into play, from a player’s past performance on a specific hole to stroke data, and much more. With so many great players in the field each week, value bets on up-and-comers and dark horses can lead to big payouts. Don’t miss our signals for majors like the Masters and US Open.

You’ll find that the large majority of our team’s golf bets are from the PGA Tour!

European Tour

Across the pond, the European Tour hosts tournaments in over 40 countries. While some big names also play in the US, Europe is home to many of its stars. We review course attributes, players’ strengths, and recent results to spot advantages that others may miss. With potentially significant time differences, we deliver our tips promptly so you can get your bets in early.

While we don’t cover the DP World Tour (European Tour) every week, we do cover it from time to time when we see value!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports does Elitepickz cover?

We provide NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, NHL, and Golf picks primarily.

Does Elite Pickz provide picks for all of the games in every league?

Our analysts DO NOT provide tips for every game. We offer signals on only games that provide value, following expert analysis.

How many picks will I receive per day?

Our team of pro sports bettors typically have anywhere from 1 to 15 picks per day. It really does vary, though, as we only bet where we have a mathematical edge.

How often does a tip come through for each of the channels?

It really varies; again, it all comes down to value. We can go 12 hours without a pick and then have 6 picks sent in a span of 20 minutes. Each day is different. Our busiest days are usually the weekends, especially during CFB/NFL (American football) seasons.