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Are There Professional Sports Bettors in 2023?

March 10, 2024

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Bill Harrelson

Are professional sports bettors crushing the books and making a living off sports betting?

As professional sports bettors ourselves and founders of a trusted sports betting advisory service, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on the betting industry.

So, are there professional sports bettors? 

Contrary to what some other people would have you believe, the answer is yes, professional sports bettors do exist — we employ a few of them. However, we estimate professional bettors make up less than 1% of all sports bettors.

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Table of Contents:

  • The Reality of Professional Sports Betting
  • 3 Traits and Habits of Successful Bets Pro
  • How to Identify Non-Professional Sports Bettors
  • Our Vetting Process for Professional Bettors at Elite Pickz
  • Has Anyone Ever Gotten Rich From Gambling/Sports Betting?
  • Do Professional Sports Bettors Quit Before Succeeding?
  • Are There Celebrity Gamblers?
  • 5 Tips for Managing Your Bankroll Wisely as a Sports Bettor
  • 3 Tips for Continuously Educating Yourself as a Sports Bettor
  • Why Choose Us?

The Reality of Professional Sports Betting

We know what you’re thinking: professional sports betting is a utopian concept that sounds too good to be true. While most bettors lose money over the long run, there are people out there who make a great profit from sports betting. You just happened to be lucky enough to stumble across a brand that is owned by someone firmly in the top 1%.

The Odds Are Against Most Bettors

The truth is, very few bettors turn a profit. The odds always favor the house, and most bettors make emotional decisions, bet too often, and fail to manage their bankroll adequately. But professional sports betting is possible for those select few who develop a systematic approach, do their research, find value bets, and manage their bankroll responsibly.

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It Requires Discipline and Skill

Pro bettors spend hours each week analyzing stats, matchups, and probabilities to find bets with a mathematical edge. They focus on the long game and don’t get emotional over wins or losses. They base their strategies on math and statistics rather than hunches, keeping detailed records of all their bets to see what’s working and making adjustments where necessary. Over time, their hard work and patience pay off through consistent profits.

are there professional sports bettors

While becoming a pro isn’t easy, the rewards can be substantial. For those serious about making extra money from sports betting, do your homework, develop a winning strategy, build your bankroll, and stay disciplined. And if you seek data-backed betting signals from professionals, we recommend joining our Discord channel.

3 Traits and Habits of Successful Bets Pro

If you’re wondering how to be a professional sports bettor, the traits and habits of successful pros include:

  • Extensive knowledge
  • Strict money management
  • Patience

1. Extensive Knowledge

The best pro bettors know sports inside and out, and are pretty good at math. They understand stats, matchups, and how to gain an edge. They do tons of research to find the value that oddsmakers and the public may have missed. If a matchup seems off or a line looks fishy, they’ll dig deeper to determine if there’s an opportunity.

2. Strict Money Management

The pros treat sports betting like a business. They set aside a bankroll and stick to a staking plan, only betting around 1–2% of their bankroll on any wager. That ensures they can absorb losses and stay in the game for the long run. They look for value and make informed bets rather than biased bets on their favorite teams.

3. Patience

Pro bettors are incredibly patient; they don’t bet on every game or force plays that aren’t there — they wait for the right spots and opportunities. Professional bettors don’t bet at all if there aren’t any good bets; they’d rather miss an opportunity than make a wager based on rash decisions. Patience is critical to long-term success, and professional bettors understand this.

While pro bettors have much experience, amateurs shouldn’t feel discouraged. With knowledge, discipline, and patience, any bettor can improve their results and work towards becoming a pro. The keys are getting the proper advice, finding your betting style, learning from your wins and losses, and constantly striving to make the most intelligent bets possible.

How to Identify Non-Professional Sports Bettors

There are a lot of shady characters in the sports betting industry looking to take advantage of novices seeking how to be a professional sports gambler.

Here are four pointers to help you spot these frauds in your journey to professional sports betting:

  1. They guarantee wins: No professional bettor can ensure 100% wins all the time. Sports are unpredictable, and there’s always a chance of losing. Anyone promising guaranteed wins is likely looking to scam you. Even those touting 60% win rates or greater in the long run are likely to be scams. At -110 average odds, it’s next to impossible to hit 60% over thousands of picks.
  2. They only want your money: Legitimate sports consultants are more like unicorns. 99% of those claiming to be experts are scammers, so you have to find that 1%. Most will use sleazy marketing tactics by trying to persuade you with the unrealistic dream of luxury houses, cars, etc. In many cases, this can come off as a red flag and as someone who just wants your money.
  3. They can’t verify their records: Ask to see verifiable records of their betting history and win percentages. Don’t trust them if they can’t provide concrete proof of their success.
  4. They focus on high-pressure sales tactics: Professionals don’t use high-pressure tactics because their records speak for themselves. Be wary of pushy salespeople in this industry.

Our Vetting Process for Professional Bettors at Elite Pickz

As professional sports consultants, we take our vetting process for pro bettors very seriously, focusing on these five criteria:

  • Extensive historical records
  • Specialization and adaptability
  • Advanced metrics and modeling
  • Money management skills.
  • Transparency

Extensive Historical Records

We evaluate a bettor’s win/loss records over at least the past years. Anyone can get lucky for a season or two, but sustained success over time is what counts. We look for a proven track record of profitability, positive customer lifetime value (CLV), and evidence the bettor has experience handicapping multiple sports (but not too many).

Specialization and Adaptability

A bets pro often specializes in particular sports or leagues they know inside and out. At the same time, they have to adapt as teams, players, and strategies change each season. We prefer bettors who focus on a few sports to achieve true mastery.

Advanced Metrics and Modeling

Pro bettors rely on data, not hunches. They should understand advanced stats, metrics, and modeling to gain an edge, including concepts like expected value, regression analysis, and probability modeling. While not foolproof, these techniques give pros an advantage over casual bettors.

Money Management Skills

Even highly skilled bettors can go bust if they don’t have proper bankroll management. The pros know how to set win and loss limits, determine optimal bet sizes, and never risk so much that one bad beat could wipe them out. They treat sports betting like a business, not a hobby.


Finally, the bettors we work with are transparent in how they operate. They share their complete records, methodology, and thought processes with us. We pass along only the picks from pros we have thoroughly vetted and trust. Our readers can feel confident following their advice, knowing real experts are behind the selections and not anonymous profiles looking to scam people.

Bets Pro

While professional sports bettors make up a tiny fraction of the industry, at Elite Pickz, we work hard to source the best of the best. Our vetting process helps ensure we recommend picks from only the pros with the skills and experience to help you win.

Has Anyone Ever Gotten Rich From Gambling/Sports Betting?

While the world of gambling and sports betting often shines with stories of big wins, one question lingers:

Has anyone ever gotten rich from gambling?

In the context of professional sports betting, the answer is yes, but it comes with some caveats.

Professional sports bettors, like the ones at Elite Pickz, have indeed made substantial profits through sports betting. Elite Pickz’s analysts, for instance, profited 87 units in 2022, amounting to roughly $87,000 for a $1K unit bettor. Over time, our analysts and clients have cashed several winning tickets. These figures indicate that it’s possible to amass considerable wealth through strategic sports betting.

However, it’s essential to remember that these professionals have years of experience, sophisticated statistical models, and a deep understanding of the games they bet on. Moreover, these wins aren’t without losses, as the nature of gambling implies risk and uncertainty.

It’s also noteworthy that these professionals don’t rely on luck. They leverage their skills, knowledge, and strategic betting practices to turn the odds in their favor. Therefore, while getting rich from gambling is possible, it requires much more than just placing bets and waiting for the windfall. In summary, betting on professional sports is a calculated process that demands dedication, patience, and informed decision-making.

Do Professional Sports Bettors Quit Before Succeeding?

Professional sports betting isn’t all glitz and glamor; neither is it for the faint-hearted. It requires a solid understanding of the sport, analytical skills, and patience.

Many novice bettors get into the game with a get-rich-quick mindset but soon realize the path is steeper than anticipated. The initial losses can be disheartening, leading many to quit early on.

Moreover, professional sports betting isn’t just about picking the winning team. In fact, pro sports betting actually just boils down to one metric called CLV. This is the secret to profiting in the long term, and you can find more about it here!

Furthermore, the emotional roller coaster associated with betting can be hard to manage. The thrill of a win and the disappointment of a loss can take a toll on one’s mental health, and should you ever have issues, we always recommend contacting 1-800-GAMBLER.

Are There Celebrity Gamblers?

One example of a celebrity gambler is the famous rapper and songwriter Drake, who has had quite a ride with sports betting. He’s largely known for his partnership with the betting platform called Stake.

So, what are Drake’s biggest wins in sports betting?

The Canadian artist won a staggering $2 million from a bet on the Kansas City Chiefs. He also had a considerable victory when he staked $309,000 and ended up winning a staggering $2,361,000.

However, it’s important to note that Drake’s betting journey has had its ups and downs and has also faced some losses, ranging from $235,000 to $660,000 based on our research. 

In 2022, Drake wagered around $1 billion on various bets within two months. His love for betting is well-known, and his wins and losses in gambling have made headlines on multiple occasions.

5 Tips for Managing Your Bankroll Wisely as a Sports Bettor

Wondering how to become a professional sports bettor?

Here are five hacks to avoid common mistakes among bettors and guide you toward smart money decisions:

  • Set a strict budget and stick to it: One essential sports betting hack is managing your bankroll correctly. You must treat your bankroll like a business account, not free money. That helps ensure you have enough to keep betting in the long run.
  • Start small and build up: Don’t think you’ll double your money in a week; successful betting takes time. Win a little bit here and there and reinvest your winnings. Compounding your winnings over the long term is how the pros start to see significant returns.
  • Do your research: Pros spend hours analyzing data to find value picks and make informed wagers. You should, too.
  • Find your advantage: Pros are successful because they find specific sports, leagues, or bet types in which they have an edge. They don’t just bet on any and every game. Focus on the areas you know the most about to gain an advantage.
  • Consider hedging and arbitrage: Hedging your bets by wagering on multiple sides of a game and arbitrage betting, taking advantage of differing odds at various sportsbooks, are two techniques many pros use to guarantee profits. Although they do require significant investments and risk, the rewards are worth it.

3 Tips for Continuously Educating Yourself as a Sports Bettor

The sports betting industry constantly changes, with new strategies, algorithms, and technologies constantly emerging. To become a professional sports bettor, you must stay up-to-date with the latest insights and techniques to maintain an edge.

Here are three hacks to ensure continuous wins as a professional bettor:

  • Track your results.
  • Learn from the pros.
  • Adapt to change.

1. Track your results.

Professional bettors meticulously record and analyze their betting history to see what’s working and not working. Log details like the type of bet, odds, outcome, CLV, and profit/loss for each wager. Over time, patterns emerge that can guide future bets.

If you have an edge in a particular sport or type of bet, you may double down your efforts there. In a case where something isn’t profitable, consider making adjustments.

2. Learn from the pros.

Follow expert bettors to see what they’re betting on and why. Subscribe to a team with a proven track record to gain valuable insights. But be wary of scams — look for experts with a proven, transparent track record of success.

3. Adapt to change.

The sports world is dynamic, and strategies that work one season may not work the next. Rules change, players improve or decline, and teams rebuild. Professional bettors stay on top of it all.

how to be a professional sports bettor

When betting on professional sports, constantly evolve your techniques, using trial and error to find what works. Success in this field comes down to how fast you can adapt. Continuous learning and improvement are what separates the pros from the amateurs.

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience analyzing stats, trends, and matchups to identify value and make informed picks. Our team includes data analysts and statisticians; in fact, we’ve employed former oddsmakers for books like DraftKings in the past. We spend hours each day researching teams, players, and numbers to gain an edge.

While we can’t guarantee wins, we aim to provide picks with the highest probability of success based on our experience and expertise.

Some key things that set us apart include:

  1. Transparency: We show you all our picks, gains, and losses from the past so you know exactly where we’re at.
  2. Dynamism: The sports world constantly changes, so we continuously update our knowledge and methods based on the latest stats, technologies, and trends. What worked last season may not work now; we simply adapt.
  3. Insights From Pros: Our team comprises pro bettors who explore their data-driven strategies and insights to generate calculated picks.
  4. Tools and Data: We use advanced stats, modeling, and AI to analyze vast data and identify opportunities the average bettor may miss. Think Moneyball for sports betting.
  5. Betting on Professional Sports: We cater to various sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, and Golf. When you subscribe to our service, you gain access to our dedicated Discord channel. Here, our top-notch tipsters share their betting choices, providing the insights you need to place your bets confidently.

While sports betting is risky, choosing a sports betting service with proven experience, transparency, and a dedication to continuous improvement can give you an advantage. We aim to be that service and provide the insights and knowledge you need to make informed picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do professional bettors really exist?

Yes, absolutely professional betters do exist. While less than 1% of bettors can bet professionally, a good number make a living analyzing stats, following teams, and placing strategic wagers.

What percentage of bettors are successful?

The success rate of sports bettors varies, but only a negligible percentage of all sports bettors are profitable in the long run. Professional sports bettors seldom maintain a long-term above-average winning rate. A bettor must win at least 52.4% of bets to be profitable. It’s important to note that these figures can fluctuate based on numerous factors like the sport, the bettor’s strategy, and knowledge of the game.

How do professional bettors actually bet?

Pros don’t just throw darts at a board. They use statistical modeling, data analysis, and knowledge of the sports and teams to find value in the odds and make strategic wagers. They look for mismatches between projections and the oddsmakers’ lines. Over many bets, even a tiny edge can lead to solid profits.

Professional bettors also bet scientifically by determining proper stake sizes based on their advantage in each wager. They focus on the long game, not chasing losses or betting for excitement. Discipline and patience are key.

While most bettors lose money in the long run, professional bettors can gain an edge through experience, analytics, and managing their money wisely. If you want to become a pro, do your homework, start small, and learn how to analyze odds to determine when they’re in your favor. You can join the 1% who’re professional sports bettors with practice.


Are there professional sports bettors?

Yes, professional sports bettors do exist. While they make up a small percentage of total bettors, their success proves that it is possible.

At Elite Pickz, we aim to provide the insights and tools the pros use to help give you an edge. We know there are a lot of shady profiles in this industry, but transparency and honesty are at the core of our business. Now that you understand what it takes to win at sports betting, join our Discord channel to receive mathematically profitable bets daily.

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