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How Many Sports Bettors Are Profitable in 2024? (The Truth!)

February 27, 2024

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Bill Harrelson

Sports betting is alluring, given how much money you can potentially make. However, before you start picking winners and planning how you’ll spend your wins, you should know the truth about how many sports bettors are profitable. This guide will disclose just how many sports bettors profit from their bets and how you can, too.


How Many Sports Bettors Are Profitable? (Short Answer)

The Allure of Sports Betting

What Makes Up a Professional Winning Gambler?

4 Tips for Improving Your Sports Betting Win Percentage

How Many Sports Bettors Are Profitable? (Short Answer)

The reality is sports betting is tough — really tough. In reality, just about 3% of bettors are actually profitable at the end of the year. And most of those are barely squeaking by with winnings that can hardly cover their bar tab. To ensure you’re among the small fraction of profitable sports bettors, subscribe to our Discord channel today, where we provide mathematically-proven picks.

The Allure of Sports Betting

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat — for sports fans, there’s nothing quite like it. That rush you get when your team scores in the final seconds or your bet pays off big is simply addictive. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to sports betting.

Unfortunately, though, a professional winning gambler percentage is only about 3%. The vast majority end up losing money in the long run. Still, that small chance of glory keeps people coming back for more.

Professional winning gambler percentage

If you’re new to sports betting, the odds will seem appealing. After all, your team is on a hot streak, the matchups look favorable, and that big payout is just one winning bet away. But over time, the house edge in sports betting will grind down even the luckiest of bettors. The odds always favor the sportsbooks, not the players.

Does that mean you should avoid sports betting altogether?

Not necessarily. If you go in with realistic expectations and set a budget, you can still enjoy the thrill of the action.

For the professional sport-winning percentage of all bettors that do come out ahead (the 3%), the keys to their success are discipline, number-crunching, and not betting with their heart. They treat sports betting like a business, not a hobby. They do their homework, find value where others don’t, and stick to a systematic approach. Above all, some of them depend on professional picks from top providers like Elite Pickz — our track record of success speaks for us, and we’re transparent with all our analyses, ensuring you know what you’re betting on.

What Makes Up a Professional Winning Gambler?

To be considered a professional, winning sports gambler, you need to do more than just be slightly profitable over time. Real pros treat betting like a business and job. They put in long hours researching teams, players, and matchups to meet up with the professional sport gambler winning percentage. They manage their money wisely and follow a proven staking plan. Most importantly, they win at a high enough rate to generate a meaningful income after expenses.

Here are 3 things that make professional sports bettors stand out:

  • Dedication and hard work
  • Money management
  • Generating income

1. Dedication and Hard Work

Professional sports bettors dedicate themselves to handicapping and making informed wagers. They pore over stats, analyze data, and monitor line movement and trends. The most successful gamblers treat it like a full-time job, spending 40–60 hours a week researching and developing betting models to gain an advantage. They have a thirst for knowledge and are always improving their craft. For most, it takes years of dedication to become truly proficient.

2. Money Management

Winning long-term requires impeccable money management skills. Pros use staking plans to minimize risk, leveraging smaller bets on riskier wagers and larger bets on higher-confidence plays. They never bet more than they can afford to lose on any single wager. They make calculated bets based on their bankroll and edge, not emotion. Successful sports bettors aim for a 55–60% win rate to overcome the “vig” and bookmaker’s edge — ElitePickz’s no-vig fair odds calculator can help achieve this.

3. Generating Income

The hallmark of a pro is the ability to generate a meaningful income from sports betting after accounting for time spent and expenses. As a rough estimate, a pro needs to win at least 55–60% of wagers at average odds of -110 to net $50,000 or more annually. The most elite sports bettors, who beat the closing line and win at a higher rate, can make close to $100,000 or above per year. However, for every big winner, there are far more bettors who lose or struggle to break even over the long run due to a lack of skill and discipline. The harsh reality is that profitable sports betting at a professional level is extremely difficult to achieve.

4 Tips for Improving Your Sports Betting Win Percentage

If you want to improve your sports betting win percentages and turn a profit, here’s what you must do:

  • Do your research.
  • Consider parlays sparingly.
  • Shop for the best lines.
  • Review and revise.

1. Do your research.

Don’t just bet on your favorite team or go with your gut; do some digging to make informed wagers. Study stats, matchups, injuries, and trends to determine where the value lies. Know how teams match up against the spread and who has the edge. The more you know, the better your chances of winning.

2. Consider parlays sparingly.

While parlays offer the chance at a big payout, they’re riskier bets; the odds of winning a parlay decrease with each added wager. Only do parlays occasionally and with small units. Single bets are safer and more likely to generate profit over time. However, if you want to try out parlay betting, then use our free parlay calculator to make an informed decision.

3. Shop for the best lines.

Compare lines between different sportsbooks to get the best odds. Even slightly better odds can increase your win percentage over many bets. Use multiple sportsbooks, if possible, to take advantage of bonuses and find the best prices.

4. Review and revise.

Keep records of your bets to see what’s working and not working. Look for patterns in your wins and losses to determine where you have an edge or need to improve. Be willing to adjust your strategies based on data and experience; profitability comes from continuous learning and progress.

Professional sport winning percentage

With practice and persistence, you can beat the odds and join the 3% of profitable sports bettors. But remember, there are no guarantees — lady luck always has a say! Also, consider joining our Discord channel for informed picks from our team of professional sports bettors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of sports bettors win?

Very few do. Our estimates show only about 3% of sports bettors are profitable long-term.

The vast majority of sports bettors end up losing money. Sportsbooks wouldn’t exist if this weren’t the case. They rely on the odds always being in their favor.

What is a good winning percentage in sports betting?

A “good” winning percentage in sports betting is 55% or higher. At 55%, you’re winning just over half your bets. But with the vigorish (the fee charged by sportsbooks), 55% may still not be enough to overcome the built-in house edge. You need a higher win rate, solid money management, and the discipline to pick the right spots.

Is it possible to win long-term gambling?

Yes, but it’s not easy. The 3% of winning bettors put in a ton of work studying stats, matchups, and trends to gain an edge. They specialize in certain sports or leagues and become true experts. They also exhibit patience and discipline, never chasing losses or deviating from their system.

Becoming a profitable sports bettor is challenging, but if you partner with professional sports bettors, you can overcome the house edge and join the elite 3% of winning bettors.


You now know what percentage of sports bettors are profitable. While it can certainly be an entertaining hobby, the odds are stacked against you. The house always wins, as the saying goes.

If you’re looking to supplement your income or make a living from sports betting, the numbers show it’s a long shot. But for the few who develop the skill and discipline to gain an edge and those who follow the leads of professional sports bettors, it’s possible to beat the odds. Join us at Elite Pickz and start making more wins from sports betting today!

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